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Oulton College: Alec B.

Business Sales and Marketing graduate Alec Belyea is quickly growing a new clothing brand called “The Weekend Life”. The Weekend Life focuses on a fun lifestyle specifically targeted to the motocross community. The brand was always an idea for Alec and his business partner Isaiah Reid who is also an Oulton business graduate from 2014, but was officially launched this July.

Through Alec’s Oulton experience, he brought his idea to life through a business plan that was assigned as a project. “Marketing was definitely the highlight of the program and I enjoyed how hands on the course was with real situations,” said Alec. Going forward, Alec plans on promoting the clothing brand by travelling around the country attending races as a vendor. 

We want to celebrate this huge achievement with Alec and wish him and Isaiah the best of luck in the future!

Please visit The Weekend Life to learn more


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