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Oulton College: Anne R.

After 30 years Anne Richard Chiasson was ready for a career change when she entered the Pharmacy Technician program at Oulton College. “From the moment I met with my Admission Advisor I felt supported, I knew this is where I wanted to be,” said Anne.

Although Anne admitted the beginning of her program was a learning curve and definitely a challenge, she remained dedicated to her studies and was motivated by her instructors. Throughout the year, Anne proved her determination and passion for the field, which was recognized by being awarded the Pharmacy Technician of the Year Award at graduation.

After excelling at her On the Job Training placement with Sobeys Pharmacy, Anne was offered a permanent position. “When you go out for your OJT, you’re more ready than you think you are and there are a lot of opportunities right now”, said Anne.

Going forward, Anne is excited to finally have a career that makes her happy. “This is what I had been looking forward to for the past 30 years, I made it here,” said Anne.

We want to congratulate Anne on all her accomplishments and wish her the best of luck with her new career!


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