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Eastern College: Manar A.

Manar finished the Medical Administrative Specialist program at Eastern college with 100% attendance & mid 90’s class mark. She is very shy & had a cultural learning curve as she is from Syria & English is her second language.

With all of these barriers against her, she didn’t get placement until the last moment at a local Long-term Care facility. This organization is used to taking PSW interns, and after her interview, they accepted her for an administration position. She excelled during her placement and became friends with the group, not just a colleague. They had Manar working in multiple departments and she had the next two weeks all lined up, as everyone wanted a turn with Manar.

Then, The YMCA sweetened the pot with a placement & job offer to seal the deal.

The success story ends with Manar doing 4 weeks at her first placement and 4 weeks at the YMCA.

For the cherry on the top… she gets her dream job!

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