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Eastern College: Jeremy C.

Jeremy came into school for the first time in April 2017. Here was a young kid who worked at Tim Horton’s, which was his first and only job. He was 21 years old and was about to become a dad for the first time. His girlfriend also came in with him and you could tell that they had many struggles along the way.

Everyday while coming to school he was dressed in camo and very unkempt. Hunched over, no eye contact and confidence was as low as it could be. Attendance soon became an issue.

Jeremi started to do make up hours and slowly but surely attendance started to approve. He soon realized that he was good with numbers and that a career could finally be an option. He continually had students looking to him for help as well as instructors suggesting him for team leans on projects.

With help from Ann Neil our career services gal… she continually motivated him and suggested changes for him to make… with not really coming out to say change this or do that. Next thing you know he is trimming his beard, cutting his hair and starting to look more and more professional.

Jeremi bought a suit for job interviews and you could tell how different he was feeling and how proud and determined he was to be successful.

Jeremi is now on his field placement at Touchstone International Business Services. They were so impressed that they offered him a paid placement and he will be hired at the end. He was also offered a position at the Shediac Food Bank.

Thanks to all the staff that assisted with his success


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