Testimonial: ACAHS

I am grateful for ACAHS because they made it possible for me to get one of my long dreams to come true, becoming a Personal Support Worker. I want to thank the ACAHS team, especially Cindy for having my back throughout the program. Not only am I a PSW, but I also got a job at the facility of my dreams. I hold this close to my heart and will carry this forward in my career. Again, thank you to all ACAHS team.

-Carol Ann

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Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help not only myself, but many others in finding our stepping stone into the rest of our lives. You’re truly an inspiration to us all and I feel as tho

The instructor at ACAHS is amazing. Thank you ACAHS! Studying with you has truly been rewarding, because of your understanding, helpfulness and devotion. I will certainly use the chance to study w

ACAHS is a great college, they helped me from day one until graduation and then to employment. Being a full-time single mom and working and taking a full-time course was hard but the instructor helped