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NEWS: Equal Assistance for our Students

The Executive of the NBAPCU is pleased to see that students who attend Private Universities and Colleges will be given equal access to student assistance programs as described in the new Budget released Tuesday by Finance Minister Ernie Steeves. Your Executive has worked hard to lobby the Higgs government for this important inclusion. A calculated decision was made by the Executive last June, to drop the lawsuit for discrimination against the former Liberal government hoping we would have a more equitable administration in the fall election, that would listen to our requests. This turned out to be the right move, saving unnecessary legal fees and successfully including students who attend our institutions in future programs, ending an era of inequity for those we serve.

We have met face to face with Premier Higgs on the campaign trail, and he promised inclusion in whatever programs they have for students. He has kept that promise with this Budget. We have also met with the new Minister of Post Secondary Education Trevor Holder and Ernie Steeves the Minister of Finance, the leader of the Green Party, David Coon and the leader of the Peoples Alliance, Kris Austin, and we have been assured of a supportive and inclusive policy process.

Your Executive will continue to build relationships with the new administration to ensure the best interests of our students and our institutions is maintained and supported by our provincial government.


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