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NACC: Instructor Development Day 2021

The National Association of Career Colleges’ 21st Annual Instructor Development Day will take place over 2 days on Friday, November 5th from 1-5 EST and Friday, November 19th from 1-5 EST. After rave reviews last year, they will be once again presenting the event online!

The NACC is pleased to present 6 guest speakers with varying backgrounds, yet each with a commitment to quality in education and student success.

This event is open to all Instructors, in all programs, so please forward this invitation to all Instructors at your campus(s) so they have the opportunity to join us for these important sessions.

The price to attend for our 2021 Instructor Development Day is:

· $100 per person for the Live Video Session

· $250 per person for the Recorded Session

· $200 per person for the Live Video Session for non-Members

· $300 per person for the Recorded Session for non-Members

There is limited space available for the live sessions, so please register now to avoid disappointment!

To purchase your ticket to the 2021 Instructor Development Day, please complete the registration form on their website.

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