Letter from The President..

To Private Colleges and Private Universities in New Brunswick,

It’s not too late to join for 2020, we’ll are offering to pro-rate the fee for new or returning members for the rest of the year.  Regular price for annual memberships are $725.00. You can join now for the remainder of the year for only $200.00. If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please contact either myself or Tony Reeder at awreeder@me.com and we would be happy to provide you with all the required information.

Membership in the NBAPCU results in discounts in NACC events and programs.

The New Brunswick Association of Private Colleges and Universities (NBAPCU) is committed to advocating on behalf of private career colleges and private universities in the province. The association’s purpose is to help provincial and federal governments, key decision makers, employers, and the public understand the critical role its members and their students play in supporting New Brunswick’s post-secondary education system and contributing to the province’s economic well-being.

By registering as a member of the NBAPCU you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your school will be listed on the NBAPCU site.

  • You will gain access to updates and information to stay up-to-date on matters that impact your businesses.

  • NBAPCU builds relationships with government officials and attends government events to foster support for the career college sector.

  • NBAPCU submits recommendations to the government on policy that impacts the career college sector and its students.

  • NBAPCU advocates on behalf of individual members where appropriate.

  • NBAPCU actively fields enquiries about the career college sector from potential students, parents, counselors, agencies, bureaucrats, MLAs, and the media.

  • A network for career colleges to share information and best practices in relation to the successful delivery of relevant programs of study.

  • Automatically gain membership to the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC).

  • NBAPCU has a Board seat on the NACC Board of Directors.

Exclusive benefits that only NACC can bring:

Visibility, Credibility, and Information. 

In addition to an official NACC Certificate that showcases your membership, you will have access to a rich collection of benefits:

  • Your school(s) will be included in the Annual Directory of member colleges within our magazine Career Connections, that is distributed to high schools and employment centres across the country.

  • Your school(s) will be listed in the national database of career colleges and on the international careercollegescanada.com website.

  • You will receive special discounts, including up to $100 off of conference registrations.

  • Access to advance updates on federal policies that affect you and your institution – and regular news about the sector.

  • Your school or students could be featured in one of our many campaigns to highlight the sector and its contributions.

Best regards,

Simone Maillet